What? I’m a Senior Next Year?

As I just finished my course registration for the upcoming fall of my senior year, it had me looking back, trying to find where time went? I still remember my first day at college, lost, trying to find who i’m going to be when it comes senior year. People have always told me, “you thought high school went by fast… just wait”. I still remember people telling me this as I go through the process, as everyday is a step closer to graduation, that dream job, and that brand new car that I have always wanted. As my journey from registering for my first classes to my last semester of classes shows how quick time has passed, I look back at it and just smile. Knowing how much I have grown in the process, how many long lasting friends, and memories that I have made, have made all the scarifies of leaving home all worth it. The process to senior year has been all but smooth, from early mornings in the library, to late night video games with my housemates, every single thing that happened to me, whether good or bad, has shaped me into who I am today. Who I am today is a reflection of the growth I have endured during this long but quick four year process. The lessons I have learned are invaluable to me, as I carry them on my shoulders every single day. When I walk out of my last class for the last time, i’ll look back and just smile as I know that I was the luckiest to experience everything I did.


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