Applying For That Job

One of the most intriguing aspects about life when growing up is getting the “perfect” job. We all dream for the job where we are doing what we love and love what we are doing whilst making all the money in the world. One aspect we fail to remember and realize when we do hit that point in applying for jobs, is the process of the application. I’m not talking about completing the application form but about the interviews, the anticipation of checking every e-mail or telephone call.  Hoping it’s ‘the’ job we wanted to hear back from. Everyday seems to go by a lot slower as I wait for that e-mail or telephone call congratulating me on getting the job. In reality, I will not get every job that I apply for and I realize that. Yes, not getting that job I applied for and wanting it is so very disappointing, but looking at the fact I went out, tried my best, showcased my talents, and went out of my comfort zone is a job and reward in itself. Every job that I don’t get allows me to grow, and get a step closer to that dream job that I always wanted. The “perfect” job is an idea that is “dream-like”.  Does it actually exist is another question but the search continues.  That realization has also pushed me harder to apply for that job that I maybe think I wouldn’t get, and get rid of that voice inside my head saying that there is someone else better for the position. You realize that there is “beauty in the struggle” which is often said, “as understanding rejection isn’t really rejection, it’s a sign to push you harder and keep doing what you do best”.  The perfect job search continues…


Playoff Time!

Playoff time is the best and worst time of the year for a Toronto sports fan. It is that time of year where Raptors and Leafs fans have blood pressure which is at an all time high, and also a time where the city becomes one. In coming from Toronto, rooting for a sports team such as the Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays, and TFC, is something more than event on tv. When one of these teams are playing, you experience all emotions possible through the course of the game, much like the four seasons you experience during the course of the game. As the Raptors and Leafs are in the playoffs, the city is at an all time high, as the streets, Maple Leaf Square, and every restaurant in the city is packed. Playoff time in Toronto is a beautiful site, as a city with so many different kinds of people from different corners of the world, are one. Having a whole city behind your back is what often motivates the players in these games, as the passion from Toronto during playoff time is next to none. As making the playoffs is a great event, this also causes a lot people to stress out. You would think that making it to the playoffs having a 3-0 series lead is enough, but not to Toronto. Loosing 3-0 leads in series or even in games is seen as somewhat impossible, but not to us. I guess that is the beauty of being a Toronto sports fan, you hate to love them. In recent memory, i’ve never seen Toronto in a standstill moment until a famous home-run sent the Blue Jays into the divisional finals, and as I was listening to it on the radio, i’ve never loved my city more.

What? I’m a Senior Next Year?

As I just finished my course registration for the upcoming fall of my senior year, it had me looking back, trying to find where time went? I still remember my first day at college, lost, trying to find who i’m going to be when it comes senior year. People have always told me, “you thought high school went by fast… just wait”. I still remember people telling me this as I go through the process, as everyday is a step closer to graduation, that dream job, and that brand new car that I have always wanted. As my journey from registering for my first classes to my last semester of classes shows how quick time has passed, I look back at it and just smile. Knowing how much I have grown in the process, how many long lasting friends, and memories that I have made, have made all the scarifies of leaving home all worth it. The process to senior year has been all but smooth, from early mornings in the library, to late night video games with my housemates, every single thing that happened to me, whether good or bad, has shaped me into who I am today. Who I am today is a reflection of the growth I have endured during this long but quick four year process. The lessons I have learned are invaluable to me, as I carry them on my shoulders every single day. When I walk out of my last class for the last time, i’ll look back and just smile as I know that I was the luckiest to experience everything I did.